Restaurant QR

$20.00 / month and a $390.00 sign-up fee

  • Customers coming to your restaurant do not want to handle a menu nowdays
  • They are worried that menus have not been disinfected…
  • Create a “Contactless Menu” that they can use on their smart phone instead!

Create your contactless menus with images and pricing and make them available to your customers with the simple scan of a QR code placed on each table.

Customers use their phone to scan the QR code which brings up the menu on their phone. They scroll through menu, select and add dishes to their order. The order is sent directly to the kitchen for processing – for that table.

You can create a ‘takeout’ menu and a ‘dining in’ menu. The takeout menu’s QR code is displayed at the front counter or outside on a window for scanning and order placement.