Animated Presenters

$25.00 / month and a $195.00 sign-up fee

We will create an animated presentation avatar and install it on your website.

Your avatar can inform visitors on any aspect of your website or product as well as instruct them on what to do.

Your avatar is also able to ask and capture the name and email address of your visitors or redirect them to a specific web page or destination.


Once you purchase an avatar, you simply email us with your requirements as well as any script that you want the avatar to present. If you prefer, we can create the script for you once we know how you want to utilize your avatar. You will have a selection of avatars and presentation voices available to choose from and we can also create speech in most languages if needed.

We will require access to your website to install the avatar once completed or we can provide the code needed for your web designer to install.
We can also host your website on our servers if needed and create a website for you as a separate add on package.

There is an initial setup fee included to create your avatar and a monthly subscription which may be cancelled at any time.